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I like the idea of streetcars in Cincinnati, but I don't live in Downtown, OTR or Uptown. How does this benefit my family?

Phase One of the Cincinnati Streetcar and its Uptown Circulator will pass through or be adjacent to eleven Cincinnati neighborhoods including the the Banks, Downtown, Over-the-Rhine, West End, Mt. Auburn, Corryville, Clifton Heights, Fairview, Clifton, University Heights and Avondale. Extensions have been mapped to Price Hill, Northside, Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, and East End. Light rail trains would serve areas more than five or six miles from the CBD.

Starting by building the line from Downtown to Uptown is critical. About two-thirds of the tax revenues of the City of Cincinnati are generated in the employment centers there. This is what pays for most of the cost of parks, street maintenance and police in College Hill, Westwood, Mt. Washington and other Cincinnati neighborhoods. Over-the-Rhine, with plenty of vacant land and historic building shells, lies in between. It once housed 35,000 people and could again. Cincinnati once had extensive streetcar service, and if Cincinnati’s experience with modern streetcars is good, look for more lines to be built in other areas of the city. Cincinnati planners are also enabling easy connections to Northern Kentucky.

Look at it this way: when President Eisenhower committed our nation to the fifty-year task of building the 45,000-mile Interstate Highway System, someone had to decide where the first mile would be built.

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